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We Design Luxury

BBYKUTE is uniquely inspired by the American & Scottish fashion cultures.

Our Mission

From Scotland to Worldwide

We started out as a wholesale jewelry business. Our operations were focused on business-to-business commerce. By 2019 we decided to make a drastic move and focus on business-to-consumer commerce. The experience and the craftsmanship we have are of the highest quality standards, plus my design perspective came intact to create something cute and unique.

Short Story


The BBYKUTE story was founded after a world travel trip, where I got to experience different cultures on many continents. In all of the Asian, American, European, and African cultures, there was one thing that kept my creative mind focused on; The way the American Urban culture has influenced the fashion industry worldwide. There was a little bit of it everywhere, whether it's the music or the dressing or the way people want to be cool or etc...

However, in order to create something unique, you must base it on something else which is rich in its own culture. Therefore, after several years of living and experiencing the Scottish Culture, there wasn't any better match to make something unique other than creating a bridge between the Scottish Scandinavian fashion culture and the American Urban culture.

It sounds like the craziest thing to do but look, you are here, reading this to discover how BBYKUTE. I simply had a vision and with my team, we are on our way to create a unique legacy and competing with the biggest brands in the fashion industry.

Our Promise

Quality Over Quantity

We are committed to quality products that are manufactured ethically and sustainably. We strive to ensure our products contribute to the well-being of people and planet, and our efforts put us on track towards a brighter future.

The secret to our quality is using the same manufacturing process as Top luxury brand's jewelry line. As our brand is relatively small compared to bigger competitors, and the majority of our presence is online, this allows us to reduce costs and offer high-quality pieces for a fraction of their cost.

As a frequent shopper myself, I've learned the most important aspect to providing the perfect customer satisfaction from luxury brands. Thus, every staff hired to deal with our customers has to go through me before hiring, all customer conversations are saved and monitored weekly. This is done so our staff gives you the best shopping experience or after-sale support.

Today, we have already established a strong online presence, and now we are focusing on collaborations with top A-list stars, so one day we can open our own jewelry walk fashion show. 

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